Leadership Team

Dedicated to supporting our agents nationwide.

Christopher Moore

For nearly two decades, Christopher has been fully immersed within the trucking industry – giving him tremendous insight into what both agents and importers/exporters need to be successful. He is the founder of NDS and holds a B.S. in Economics/Finance. Read more about our 2011 Executive of the Year Finalist in this feature article from Memphis Business Journal.

James Frederick

VP of Business Development & Sales
Born into the trucking industry, James has spent most of his life dispatching trucks or repairing containers, chassis, vans and reefer units. In addition, James is highly knowledgeable about the items he sells. In addition to his role with NDS, he also operates four terminals of his own and is the largest trucking agent in the country.

Tommy Johnson

Director of Safety and Compliance
For nearly two decades, Tommy has successfully managed safety and compliance for various fleet sizes.  He is extremely knowledgeable of FMCSA regulations.  Tommy is a seasoned veteran with a strong reputation and is well respected by his peers.  Tommy’s ability to relate to drivers is unique.  Prior to his current career path over the last twenty years, he was a successful, award-winning, and safe driver.

Greg Woitesek

Vice President of Client Support
By serving as the key liaison between NDS and its agents, Greg ensures a smooth flow of information and strong relationships between all parties. His scope of work includes overseeing and handling all aspects of customer service as well as dealing with management system issues. Greg has a B.S. degree in Logistics/Transportation.